By Watchdog reporter

Controversial Senior Presidential Advisor on media issues Joseph Tamale Mirundi has revealed that whoever is supporting the lifting of the presidential age limit to enable President Yoweri Museveni stay in power for life is selfish.

While appearing on NBS TV’s One on One with Tamale Mirundi show on Tuesday, the former presidential press secretary admitted that he is among the selfish people who want Museveni to stay in power because of his security.

He said he has not invested in opposition so the only liability for his safety is when Museveni stays in power.

 “You can not support the president to stay in power unless you are selfish. The only reason I support Museveni to stay in power is if he leaves, I have to flee. I have not invested in the opposition. They are mafias. I support Museveni for my security. If Museveni left power, you would see big men fleeing the country because they would be raided by the mafias in the opposition,” said Mirundi.


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