By Watchdog reporter

Drama ensued at NBS television on Tuesday morning as ‘enemies’ ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze and the former State House spokesman Tamale Mirundi met at the Kamwokya based station.

Our sources say Tamale Mirundi refused to shake hand with Mr Tumwebaze to the embarrassment of all around.

The two men met as Minister walked out of the Morning Breeze show which discusses political issues in the country and Tamale was walking in for his weekly television show.

Tumwebaze who had come to talk about the burning Kasese impasse extended his handshake only to be snubbed by Tamale who went on shouting that “no one will ever reconcile him with Tumwebaze”.
Mirundi blames Tumwebaze for being sacked as president’s spokesman. However, when Mirundi was appointed senior presidential advisor on media, and Tumwebaze as minister of information, one would imagine the two have a common objective and should be working together.

An eye witness said that when Tamale saw Tumwebaze moving out of the studio and was moving to greet him, he preferred to enter the toilet than shake hands with the minister.

Tumwebaze who had his handlers around, advised the minister to leave the premises since they didn’t know what Tamale Mirundi was planning.

When Tumwebaze left, Tamale resurfaced, bragging that not even Nbs can reconcile him with “those boys who belittle everyone”.