By Watchdog reporter

Senior Presidential Advisor on Media Issues Joseph Tamale Mirundi has showered himself with praise after claiming that he is a very handsome man.

Tamale who was appearing on NBS TV’s ‘one on one with Tamale Mirundi’ show on Tuesday morning, condemned comedian Innocent Kafeero popularly known as Dr. T amale for misusing his image (Mirundi) through negatively mimicking him.

He said he is a very handsome man to be mimicked by a person who looks like Kafeero whom he claims is ‘ugly’ and gives his name a bad image.

“I’m not against mimicking people but this means you have to present yourself in their image but this young man is using my name in an obscenity manner. I struggled from Rakai to where I’m and that poor looking boy just comes from nowhere to tarnish my image. No I cannot allow that,” fumed Mirundi.

“Stop mimicking me with your sachets of waragi, you look like a monkey imitating a handsome man,” Mirundi warns Kafeero.

Last year, the same undisputed Mirundi angrily forced himself into the Radio Simba offices in Bukoto holding a pistol and vowed to shoot Kafeero if at all he doesn’t stop imitating him.