By Mubiru Ivan

Controversial presidential advisor on media affairs Tamale Mirundi has said ‘mafias’ are the invincible force behind Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor Louis Kasekende’s current ordeal.

Last week, the Inspector General of Government (IGG) started an investigation into the assets and liabilities of Kasekende and 99 other BoU officials.

Kasekende and other bank officials are believed to have acquired multibillion properties in upscale Kampala, Wakiso among other strategically located areas under unclear circumstances.

While appearing on Top Radio’s radio show on Monday, Mirundi revealed that there’s a group of people in government who don’t want Kasekende to become BoU governor so they are fighting tooth and nail to tarnish his name in the public eye.

He alleges that this group of mafias is fronting the treasury Permanent Secretary Keith Muhakanizi (also part of the clique), for the job.

According to Mirundi, Kasekende is the likely replacement for Governor Emmanuel Mutebile who is about to retire anytime.

“There’s a group of people in government such as Mutebile who are fighting Kasekende and they don’t want him to become governor. They know Kasekende is likely to become governor. These people are fronting Muhakanizi for the position,” said Mirundi.

Speaking about the IGG’s probe into Kasekende’s wealth, Mirundi said the IGG lacks credibility to probe into such matters.

The former Presidential Press Secretary further noted that there’s no BoU employee especially in a top office who is poor.

“If Kasekende owns multibillion assets it’s no news because you cannot expect a top employee in BoU to be poor and if Kasekende owns such a fortune then what about his top boss?” wondered Mirundi adding, “then if Kasekende accumulated his wealth under unclear circumstances, then both the governor and his deputy must go because they are the same.”