By Watchdog reporter

Senior Presidential Advisor on Media Affairs, Tamale Mirundi has said First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni yesterday did a huge mistake of responding to embattled Makerere University don Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

According to Mirundi, Nyanzi is like a village drunko paid to insult people for no good reason.

While discussing issues on a talkshow on one of the local radio stations today, Mirundi asserted that Janet’s poor Public Relations team mislead her to respond to a drunko citing that there was no good reason for the Education minister to respond to such nonsense being uttered out by Nyanzi.

“Dr. Stella Nyanzi is like a village drunko paid to insult people. First Lady’s poor PR team misled her to respond to a drunko,” said Tamale Mirundi.

Early this week, Nyanzi made an alarming verbal attack on the First Lady insulting her and calling her by all sort of illicit names.