By Mike Ssegawa

‘Self made’ political commentator Tamale Mirundi whose claim to fame is being a former President Museveni’s press secretary for a decade, is a proven entertainer.

The problem with this man who baptises himself titles he desires to act including; “intellectual”, ” propagandist”, “researcher”, “author” among others, is that he has a huge audience on his radio and television shows. And he never runs out of content to entertain his listeners.

However he has something about his shows not entertaining – preaching violence and bragging about his anarchism.

Tamale talks about how he walks about with weapons of violence ready to attack his perceived enemies.

Communications regulator UCC have tried in vain to restrain him and TVs and radios that host him do little to contain him or warn him against his language. I really wish I can defend his right to speak his mind. Sorry, I think he crosses the line.

The language Tamale Mirundi uses on air might be popular with his followers but it is irresponsible of serious televisions like NBS to give him a license to preach hate.

I am an ardent viewer of his Tuesday morning show on NBS. And I keep wondering why Mirundi isn’t penalised when he speaks about walking around with hummers, pangas and guns!

Tamale drops names of his perceived enemies including his former workmates at State House such as comptroller Lucy Nakyobe, Edith Nakalema, journalist Andrew Mwenda and New Vision boss Robert Kabushenga. He threatens to harm them some day.

This leaves me wondering why Tamale never gets a police charge. People have been charged for lesser offences!

If what Tamale says don’t amount to inciting violence or intention to kill someone, then, why are journalists and MPs summoned for quizzing on no grounds at all.

I also believe TVs and radio stations have a responsibility to lay down rules for Tamale if he is to appear on air. Radio Star did that…risked losing a following… But they did the right thing.