By Watchdog reporter

Senior Presidential adviser on media Mr Joseph Tamale Mirundi has apologized for being violent while a television show last week.

Mirundi almost beat up his host Muwanga Lutaaya in last week’s One on One with Tamale Mirundi show, which got a lot of criticism from viewers and the broadcasting regulator.

Uganda Communications Commission officially warned NBS over failing to uphold minimum broadcasting standards. UCC even threatened to close NBS if they don’t provide a satisfying answer in 60 days.

A contrite Tamale Mirundi on Tuesday morning apologized for his misconduct while air. “I overreacted,” he admitted, before he sought forgiveness from viewers, NBS management and UCC. He said he had learnt from his mistakes and promised to behave better.

Tamale who takes pride in being arrogant and capable of being violent, sounded meek until the end of the show when he lost it and said whoever it concerns, they can put him off air if so they want. He vowed not to be pocketed by anyone.