By Watchdog reporter

Senior Presidential ON Media Issues Joseph Tamale Mirundi never ceases to amaze Ugandans.

From threatening to kill his enemies using a gun, Mirundi has now resorted to fighting his haters using a hammer.

Today while going for his weekly show on NBS TV dubbed ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi’, the political analyst surprised the station’s employees when he showed up with a hammer concealed on one side of his waist.

In a braggart way, Mirundi told off the NBS staff that he decided to carry a hammer with him for self protection.

For now, we are not sure of what happened to his ‘pistol’ to the extent of opting to carry a hammer.

Last Saturday, Mirundi while on Pearl FM expressed fears for his life after revealing that ‘mafias’ want to knock his car and send him to a sickbed for some months.

However, he vowed to shoot his pursuers dead if they dare him.

Maybe carrying a hammer with him is one of his precautionary measures against his enemies.