By Watchdog reporter

Of recent many people have come giving different views about oldest Political Party, the Democratic Party(DP) regarding the party’s current difficult situation. Some have allegedly pinpointed some party Members like Norbert Mao, Fred Mukasa Mbidde to be hobnobbing with the incumbent party to fail its mission and accomplishments.

Among those who have managed to make some reviews is former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi who has compared the party to an English Premier League Club Arsenal which always groom excellent players but never win trophies.

According to Mirundi DP always groom good politicians but they are always wiped away by ruling Party NRM.

“DP is like Arsenal, it only grooms players to sell them but never wins any trophies,” Mirundi stated.

However, the controversial political analyst revealed that President Yoweri Museveni’s act of recruiting members from other opposition parties, clearly elaborates that NRM as a party it has its own problems especially with its members which means Museveni cannot rely on them that’s why he resort to fetching trusted opposition members.

“When you see a man interested in people’s wives, it means his marriage is in trouble,” Mirundi asserted.