By Stephen Kalema
Police have arrested two people for allegedly stalking the Inspector General of Government boss, Irene Mulyagonja.

Ben Sebukuzi and Lilian Mukiibi belong to a ‘certain illegal organisation’, Youth Power Research Uganda.

The two  are currently detained at Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Kireka and will appear in court next week.
Police say they are holding them on charges including threatening violence, blackmail and extortion, alongside stalking.

According to deputy police spokesman Patrick Onyango, the suspects  have been using their illegal organisation to obtain money and information from key personalities in the country.

“For the most recent incident, they demanded information in possession of the IGG to be released to them,” Onyango said on Friday.

If, according to their demand notice, she did not release the said information, something she will live to regret would happen.

“The IGG complained to the Police, which through the Director CID, began investigations that led to their arrest,” said Onyango.

Details of the Information said suspects wanted from IGG would sabotage the investigations, according to the police.

Onyango said Youth Power Research Uganda is ‘still very big’ and urged the public to be vigilant of booming sects of youth

“We are urging members of the public who have any information in regard to this illegal group to go Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Crime Intelligence CID headquarters, Kibuli and divulge information.”
“We are still looking for other members of this illegal organization,” he said.