By Watchdog reporter

Sewamyana Ronald was one of the few survivors of the kampiringisa accident that claimed 21 lives.

He narrates his ordeal as he emerged out of the wreckage only to see all his relatives dead.


“We were coming from Masaka as a family in one vehicle. We had a meeting over land in the village. When we reached Kapiringisa, we were in the line.

Then two vehicles overtook us. One was a jeep, and the other a Noah.

The jeep managed to overtake and it went, but the Noah behind him couldn’t. There was a trailer coming from the opposite direction.

The Noah driver realized the road had become narrower.

The Noah crashed into the trailer and trailer crashed into us.

Things happened very fast. I realized our vehicle had fallen off the road into the valley. I thank God I pulled myself out. Unfortunately, my eyes fell on my father. He was dead. My aunt was dead with the head cut off, and my counsin Pius too didn’t have his head on his body. He was under the vehicle.

Our driver, uncle and I were taken to the hospital in Mpigi, together with others.

Locals helped rescue passengers from the vehicle. We were told Mpigi was a government hospital.

However, we were given only a tetanus injection and treatment was done in the corridors.

Later, we were transferred to Mulago.