By Herbert Bukenya

Cosmetics maker Sure Deal call her Mama Sure Deal has rushed to post pictures with a mystery Asian man sources close to her say is her real man or lover.

This was after she posted pictures with Qute Kaye indoors that looked to be leading inside a private office or room at home. What caused controversy though was the different shirts Kaye was putting on in the same spot and the way she was holding his waist in one of the pictures.

This prompted speculators to conclude that the two may have been up to something personal and passionate before and beyond the photo opportunities they shared.

Realizing the situation had gotten out of hand as various social media groups and blogs started to speculate about Sure Deal’s engagements with Kaye, she quickly shared another set of pictures with a man claimed to be her own to cool down the situation.

Her online team got into over drive as well sharing the pictures of her and her alleged man with claims that the two are a happy couple and there is nothing more than being helpful and compassionate between her and Qute Kaye.