By Watchdog reporter

Jose Chameleone is a shame. And if court goes ahead to permit divorce to his wife Daniella Atim, who wants the two to separate, the singer will go down like other superstar who failed to manage their marriage, either because of fame or sheer foolishness.

News that Daniella wants to leave singer Jose Chameleone officially through a court process, will bring to an end a marriage of nine years.

It has been a public secret that Jose who should be a role model for Ugandan boys, beats his wife. Domestic violence by men or women is one of the most condemned social ills in Uganda with nongovernmental organizations dedicated to this task.

The marriage of Jose and Daniella however was kept going by the intervention of the now late Father John Scalabrini, who died recently. The priest of Bbiina parish was Daniella’s foster father, and he played a role in calling Jose to order whenever he turned his wife and mother of four, into a drum due to his childlike high temper.

The divorce file now rests with the family division of Nakawa Court and Chameleone has been given 15 days to respond.