Police in Kikaaya in Nakawa Division Under Kira Road police has rescued a woman and three men from a mob which wanted to kill them because they were caught stealing Merchandise from a Super market.

Sarah Namutebi 52, a resident of Nsooba and a vendor in Kalerwe Market, James Kabugo 54 a resident of Kebando Kirokole zone, Siraje Ssimbwa a bodaboda rider at Market Street and a resident of Ndeeba, Abdul Ssamadu a resident of Katooke were rescued by Kikaaya police for stealing powdered milk worth 100,000/-

This happened on Saturday morning when the four went in J-Tee supermarket in Kikaaya pretending to be customers but ended up stealing merchandise.

The attendants in the Super market were keen and monitoring the 4 since they were seen in the same area last week and took some merchandise.

Investigations have revealed that the four have been stealing things in super markets in the area as there CCTV Footages that were captured by cameras.