I have been very observant, and I have noticed that we ladies, never think of what interests us. We never do things for ourselves, we instead do things for the men. We try so hard,to make them comfortable, and happy,yet we ourselves are not comfortable, neither are we happy,and this is so wrong.

    You have got only one life to live, so live it to the fullest! Enjoy each day like its the last,because you never know ,it could actually be the last. Stop putting your happiness on hold for a man,I don’t think he deserves it. Be you,do you,your life does not revolve around that man you are sacrificing all your life and happiness for.

    Nothing makes me sad that seeing my friend, a fellow woman, throw away her happiness, her comfort, her youthfulness, her freedom, just to make a man happy. Every time I see this,I want to scream. I always tell her this is not right,you deserve better than this,but she just doesn’t get it,and it breaks my heart every time.

    Know your worth,and know how you want to be treated, because that is exactly the way you will be treated.