How do you mend a broken heart? How do you forgive the betrayal and the hurt that you feel deep down in your heart,at the very core of your soul? How do you even forgive broken trust?

Being betrayed by a friend,and not just any friend but your best friend,your confidante, the one that knows you and everything about you,inside out,the one you call your sister is the worst feeling ever.

Every day I try to let go of the pain that I feel in my heart,I get out my phone to send her a message,to call her, to tell her that its all alright now,that I forgive her,that everything should go back to how it was,but I always never go through with it. I just can’t bring myself to do it,not yet. It still hurts so bad.

Its not pride,its hurt and disappointment that I feel. I just pray that one day,very soon,I will be able to bring myself to forgive her. She let me down at a time that I needed her the most. She was supposed to have my back,but she instead just threw me under the bus.