Yes, I am a mom,to three very beautiful kids,yes,I am married to a loving and very understanding husband but at the end of the day,I am also human. So me admitting that I do get attracted to another man, who isn’t my husband, is nothing to be ashamed of… happens to the best of us,all the time. Attraction to other people is practically inevitable, regardless of whether your marriage is struggling or rock-solid.

Crushes happen to people more often than most of them admit….you don’t just stop having them because you’re in a relationship, no! The ability to be attracted to someone else does not vanish the second you exchange rings. It’s natural, when you are around someone a lot,to develop feelings….

But does that make me a bad mom? No! My attraction to another man has got totally nothing to do with my parenting, with the way I raise my children,the two are totally different things….and neither does it make me a bad wife.

Its so normal to have crushes on other people,the trick is to figure out how to manage “those feelings”.