By our reporter

Sumin Namaganda recently resigned her job at Nile Breweries Limited to take up a new role at Airtel Uganda.

In a blog post, Namaganda revealed that she will be working as a Public Relations Manager at the telecom company.

She wrote;

I have taken on a new role at Airtel Uganda as the Public Relations Manager. It is the start of an exciting career in the telecom industry.

I recently resigned my job at a place I have known for the last six years – Nile Breweries Limited.

Quitting a job is such a daunting task. It is a mixture of optimism and pessimism coupled with lone thoughts on whether it is the right thing to do – it is only being human.

Before submitting my resignation, I spent the week pacing. Each glance at the walls of my small cubicle that served as my office mirrored an unmatched workplace with so much to offer.

I barely had any meaningful sleep. I spent the day reminiscing the great days my former workplace had to offer and the nights shrouded in not exactly evocative dreams – I could swear to smiling in my bed.

Despite the very fast-paced structure of the organization, NBL offered a very calm and peaceful work environment not to forget the serenity of the location.

There is power in a workplace that is more inclined to productivity as opposed to presence. It allows you to express yourself creatively through responsibility, focus and self-motivation.

I feel quite fortunate to have worked with this organization that has molded my career path.

Along the way, I have shared a unique camaraderie with people that have turned family.

The bottom line now is to move on.