By Watchdog reporter

In this modern world, we are very sure that sugar is now a necessity to almost every household.

But the rate at which its prices are being hiked is quite alarming.

As we note down now, the sugar price has already clicked shs5,000, a kilogram.

Yet, majority of sugar being used is home made but we are wondering who is behind such impunity of increasing prices without thinking about tye poor Ugandans.

We remember back in 2010 when the whole world was hit by credit crunch, in Uganda specifically, the prices of commodites generally hit the climax whereby a kilogram of sugar almost cost shs1,5000.

There we know that the whole world was under economic depression but now was is the cause of the price hike?

It is not because we dont have sugar manufacturing factories,we have them in plenty, should we say that govermnent just want to oppress the poor Ugandans?