By our reporter

On many occasions the rich are perceived as arrogant people and full of themselves.

But renowned property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia has proved far different from that.

On Thursday while appearing before the land inquiry commission to defend himself over disputed Kololo SS sports ground, Sudhir exhibited a high level of humility which melted the hearts of Ugandans watching the proceedings.

In his, remarks he asserted that he was a law abiding citizen, and when he was asked by a commissioner if he takes Ugandans for granted because his name is associated with money, Sudhir responded rhetorically, My Lord what can I do to change that perception.

Sudhir’s summoning to the commission headed by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire came after a complaint lodged by the school claiming that Sudhir dispossessed them of the facility.

While appearing before the commission, the Ruparelia Group chairman downplayed the allegations that he leased the sports ground of Kololo SS with a main objective of monopolizing it and the way he aired out his explanation was a lesson to many people that you could be wealthy and humble at the same time.

Sudhir articulately explained to the commission that he moved to lease the school’s property after discovering that the management was in a process of giving away the land in question to a private developer which he identified as Dmark Power yet the school had already lost a number of plots to private companies such as Nanjing Hotel.

“I was concerned…the school was going to lose another plot. It was the only remaining piece of land. Six plots had been parceled out to developers. If I had not moved fast, the school was going to lose this plot as well,” noted Sudhir adding that he has no intentions of turning the facility into a business venture, but to maintain it as a sports facility to help both Kololo SS and his Kampala Parents School.

When told that Uganda Land Commission(ULC) did not follow procedure while granting him the lease, Sudhir said he does not know how people at ULC do their job.

“I applied and produced whatever ULC asked me to produce. That’s all I did,” Sudhir recounted.

One of the commission members asked the business mogul whether he will abide by the decision taken by the commission, Sudhir asserted that, “I always follow the law, the commission will make its recommendations.”

On CBS 88.8 popular Kalisoliiso show, respected presenter Abbey Mukiiibi said Sudhir was very exemplary and down to earth. He said wealthy people need to emulate his humility.