By Kiyimba Bruno

Students have been cautioned against counterfeit mobile phones.

This was said by the sales urgent Itel Uganda Monday William during his remarks in a trade bazaar that is taking place at Kampala International University (KIU)

Williams said that many university students are culprits of counterfeit due to the fact that they don’t buy their phones from the right sources.

“Itel as a company has tried to fight this problem by manufacturing a specific brand for a given period of time. Any new product that comes after is considered as fake.” noted Monday

On this note he advised all students to buy from itel shops if they want to get original Itel products.

Williams also said that  many fake products are on the market and its mostly university students who fall victims.

“Because they want good things the counterfeiters always have a cheap solution that will attract a university student.”said Williams.

He went ahead to explain that the university students need to get rid of looking for cheap things since these are always expensive.

In many cases, ignorant university students have always been victims of counterfeit in various ways and many have ended up being depressed.

The bazaar is staged to target university students to enable them get original products at cheap prices.