By Faridah Nakazibwe

A strong woman will do everything she can to make her relationships work but when it comes to time move on after she has had enough rubbish from a man ,she will walk away with her head held high with no regrets.

She will love hard ,she forgives when hurt but walks away when it fails. She will try again & perseveres no matter what life throws at her. She just never gives up on life because of what she has been through. She lives her life & does that with no apologies.

This is the woman you ought to be. Don’t give up on life because of the hurry & pain selfish men make you go through. You deserve to be happy so please don’t settle for less.

Don’t glorify fools that fail to see your worth. Let them go because it is not your loss. Its their loss.
IT’S HIS LOSS – Dont cry for men that fail to see the queen in you. When you are nice & try to be the best you can be to him yet he takes you for granted & treats you like trash – Walk away from him & don’t look back because he doesn’t deserve you. It is not your loss – It is his loss.

All Failed Relationships Hurt on both sides but Losing Someone who doesn’t Respect and Appreciate you is actually a GAIN and not a LOSS!.