By Najibu Mulema

In a meeting held in Kampala yesterday evening, vendors expressed their discontentedness towards their recent eviction by the minister of Kampala, Betty Kamya.

The vendors now demand to meet the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to have a verbal dialogue to see whether he can allow them go back to the streets and operate fully.

The vendors claim that it was Museveni who allowed them to work in the city but now they don’t understand why he decided to turn his back against them.

The vendors also stressed out that over 200 vendors were arrested by KCCA law enforcement team and police and right now they are in Luzira prison and no one has ever come out to rescue them. They say they talked to Kamya but she seemed not to care.Vendors accuse Kamya of taking a political stand in their issue.

“KCCA Should allow us to operate in the city because we have no where to go,we are not thieves we also like to work in shops but we can’t because of little capital,” said one of the vendors in the meeting.

The issue of evicting vendors off the streets by kamya has caused clashes between political figure in the city where one party wants the vendors to stay and another wants the vendors to leave.

This even forced the Kampala city lord mayor to gazette some streets for the vendors to operate which action still not allowed by the minister of Kampala.

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