By Faridah Nakazibwe

I don’t understand this craze with people taking the names of their potential spouse to a so-called “prophet” or pastor to know if they should marry the person or not.

Omg!!! What is the meaning of that? What have we turned these people in such positions into… our Gods?

You mean you cannot make a decision about whom to spend the rest of your life with in marriage without consulting a pastor or Sheikh? Or without using them to know God’s mind about your partner and future?

Ok…let me remind you, even if they are in agreement with you about the person to marry, it doesn’t matter if God is not in agreement; that is of course, if living for God is the top priority for you.

Listen to me, in Islam , the only mediator between you and God is your faith . Therefore, you don’t need to go through a Sheikh or man to get to Allah or hear from Him. You have the Holy One living inside of you, and He longs to guide you in all the affairs of life. It is a pagan that feels unworthy or inadequate to relate with God directly and therefore needs another “holier” human being to speak to God on his or her behalf.

In Christianity you believe , Jesus paid all the price to make you worthy of God. And through faith in Jesus Christ you are now worthy and have full access to God and His kingdom through His precious Holy Spirit. Why you believe your follow men.

You see, religion is ALL about a personal relationship and friendship with God- your Creator . The faith in you would then lead and guide you into ALL Truths.

But you can only discover what is true or His perfect will by developing or growing in your personal relationship with God. Jesus came into this world so you can stop being dependent on yourself and other men, but dependent on God instead because He is Perfect, Holy and loves you without limit.

And never forget that the best of men is still a man, and we are all prone to errors or mistakes. Please stop turning man who you respect into gods whose opinion matters more to you than God Almighty’s own mind or opinion. At the end of the day, it is you and your spouse that will have to live together for a lifetime-no matter who gives their blessings or not.

Now, am I saying that you shouldn’t receive and welcome wise counsel from others? No!! There is safety in a multitude of counsel, yes. But not just any kind of counsel, rather, WISE counsel. No one knows everything, and that’s why we should always be ready to learn and receive counsel from others.

However, wise counsel comes with peace, love, freedom, and light which is able to empower you toward the right direction. It is not driven by fear, manipulation, and control which is mostly what is happening in a lot of our churches, and mosques today.

Moreover, you shouldn’t stay at the level where your leaders or pastors must spoon-feed you every time before you can make any important decision in life. That is the life of a baby or slave. And God wants you to grow up into your sonship in Him, so that He can use you mightily for His purposes.

Honestly, I don’t believe any person-whether woman or man- should consider marriage when you don’t know how to be lead by God or how to make major decisions on your own without seeking your parents, prophets, pastors or whomever else’s consent first.

You see, too much dependency on people we respect is what’s affecting most of us in our society today. It is what has turned strong religion into a mere religion and those who were once genuine in their faith in God into pagans unknowingly.

People are no longer using their minds and faith to know the Truth for themselves, but accept everything their leader(s) say or do without ever questioning or analyzing things personally. And that is what is rendering most religions irrelevant or useless in Uganda today. And so, the blind just keep leading the blind while thick darkness keeps growing in our society.