By Faridah Nakazibwe

The reason why we fail to make a difference in our lives is because we wait until we have it all figured out before we go out to do something.

The truth is-God has put an idea or plan in all of us,some go out to begin with what they have while others wait and give excuses & think they don’t have what it takes yet.

We just don’t realize that when God gives us that idea,he also gives us the means to attain great heights in life.

Stop making comparisons with people that have already done it because you don’t understand how they began.Whatever you can do or dream,begin from there in humility and make a difference in your life.

Stop giving excuses to and do something with your life.When you wait for conditions to become perfect,you will never step out to do anything.You will instead go on wallowing in poverty till it kills you slowly.