Let go of anything that is giving you more sadness than joy. Always try your best before you leave the rest. Letting go doesn’t always mean you are weak, it means you’re strong enough to let go of what doesn’t belong to you. Stop holding on to what GOD is taking away from you.

You can never keep what you don’t have. Drop anything that no longer contribute meaningful, peaceful or positive effects to your life. Close any door that doesn’t lead to nowhere in your journey of life.

The only way to fly high is to fly light. Grudges and anger are very heavy burden, be very careful of what you carry within you everyday .

Forgive those who offend you but never hesitate to drop anyone who sees nothing good in you. Be bold to take decisions concerning your life.

If you have to explain to everyone before taking decision concerning your personal life, you will have a lot of explanations to make. People can only sympathize, criticize, pity, judge or even condemn you, but no one can feel your pains more than you.

Your life is your right, people can walk it with you, but never allow anyone to play the LEAD role in the movie of your life. You may not have control over who comes into your life, but always be in control of where they stay and how long they stay. To get a fresh air sometimes what you have to do just to open new windows.