By Najibu Mulema

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has warned the parliamentary committee on natural resources on the dangers which may arise if they keep on disorganizing the chinese companies which extract sand from Lwera.

Museveni says if the committee withdraws responsibilities from  these companies,Uganda may lose billions of shillings worse of all it may lead to cutting ties between the two countries.

For more than three months,the committee has been investigating on the companies which mine sand from Lwera saying that the extraction of sand from wetlands endangers the natural environment.

Chinese companies like Mango tree group limited and Lwera sand miners mine sand from Lwera without licenses from National Environmental Management Authority.

Lately, President Museveni  called the committee members to State house Entebbe to assess the way they do their work.While in a meeting, Museveni warned the committee members to be more careful when investigating on the chinese companies because Uganda may lose support from China.

According to John Baptist Nambeshi,mp Munjiya county said,”the president advised us  that we should know that China is very important to Uganda because it gives it  support especially in big projects.”

However, Nambeshi said even though the president ordered them not to tamper with the Chinese,as a committee they will not be lenient to any company that tries to destroy the natural environment.

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