By Faridah Nakazibwe

Ugandan’s has Frustrated Youths that believe someone owes them a life so every politician that comes with lies to tell them what they want to hear will get their attention & waste their valuable time. Everyone that gets frustrated can turn to youths to tell lies & they will listen.

They stop all they are doing to listen & start to believe that’s the answer to their poverty. Truth is – You are the answer to your own problems. Don’t get problems & put them in another person’s hands like he does not have his own. You owe yourself a life.

Stop wasting time. Focus on solutions & not problems! What you focus on the longest becomes the strongest. When you complain everyday, You become frustrated in the long run. The best way to deal with the challenges you are facing is to look for solutions. Spend your time being creative, resourceful & get some help.

Worry is faith turned inside out while assuming the negative. It wastes your energy and does not solve anything. It paralyzes you, stifles your growth and robs you of your creativity. Stop wasting time worrying,complaining and doing what adds no value to you.

Use your your time well & come up with a variety of approaches to move your life forward. Challenge yourself to think beyond that which is commonly accepted. Hold the vision of what you want. Be clear about this and move forward with the feeling and expectation that things are going to work out just fine.

You have GREATNESS within you!! The problem is – We still think another person owes us a life so we seat & start waiting on them. Those who went to the bush with 7 guns were fighting for their lives and that of their families not yours. Your life can change if you stop complaining & start working hard & being accountable over your time.