By Watchdog reporter

The flagship companies of the The Mehta Group in Uganda Lugazi Sugar, the third biggest sugar maker in the country and the Cable Corporation have been cast into the deep end as massive fraud has been covered up the companies, and anyone who raises their heads to report it, beaten into submission.

The Mehta Group of Companies is a conglomerate based in Mumbai, India, but run subsidiaries in Uganda as well as United States, Canada, and Kenya.

Buoyed by a global reputation, it is difficult to believe that the same company condones bad business practices including fraud, tax invasion, and other forms of corruption.

However, insider information together with records at Police have showed can of worms, particularly at the Cable Corporation based in Lugazi but with offices in Kampala.

One of the workers who have fallen victim of the syndicated crime, but his mouth was shut as soon as he raised his head is M.S Walia.

Our sources have indicated to us that Walia was a dedicated worker flown in from India like many other managers.

However when he was employed as a general manager at the Cable Corporation, he came across unprecedented fraud that he was forced to report it to the superiors.

Instead, Walia was not the package his bosses wanted, and therefore chose to terminate his services without recourse to the law, and packed him back India.

It is a common practice in many Indian owned businesses to employ senior managers from India, especially in sensitive positions. It is understood that the managers from India are easy to manipulate, as well as, are expected to keep the dirty secrets of the company to themselves or deported to India straight away like was the case with Walia.

Soon after Walia started receiving instructions to conduct business like his predecessors, he suspected something sinister could be happening. According to letters, memos and stories from Cable Corporation, collaborating the narrative this website came across, Walia was reportedly marked for firing as he had started asking questions, and actually reporting to authorities.

It is understood that the manipulation of figures caught him unaware as he was fresh in the office and realizing that his bosses were siphoning of millions of dollars from the company to India, he could not stomach it.

Wanting to do the right thing, Walia informed his superiors of the suspicious movement of monies of funds, over quotation of raw materials and under declaring of tax obligations.

Some of the reports Walia and his other colleagues were made to police’s CID department, and statement taken.

Surprisingly, Walia’s actions attracted scorn, humiliation, harassment and eventually he was sacked and shipped back to India.

In the coming couple of days, we are bringing you , blow by blow narratives of how managers at Mehta’s Cable Corporation manipulate figures to cheat the Ugandan government, and how those who are against the unethical practices are quickly hounded out of the company.