By our reporter

Controversial academician Dr. Stella Nyanzi has revealed that the father of her children is set to come back into their lives after 12 years of absence.

In a facebook post, Nyanzi said her ex-husband announced the move through a phone call.

Nyanzi disclosed that on hearing the news, her children where so happy that they are going to see their lovely dad again.

However, on her side, Nyanzi said she is confused, excited and angry.

She wrote;

After almost twelve years of physical absence, my children’s father announced on phone that he is coming to see his children. The children are very excited. I, on the other hand, do not know whether to laugh mockingly or cry painfully in response. After twelve fucking long years of raising my children with the support of only my family, the Baby Daddy wants to come back and be a present father!

You see: he has never seen or touched or been in the same space as our twin sons who are now gentle giants. His physical connection with them ended when he planted them in my belly. He last saw our beautiful teenage daughter at Heathrow Airport when she clung to him and cried loudly at their parting. She was only two years old, and her Daddy Ousman was her best person in the whole wide world. When she was young, she strongly believed he was going to come for her. It was tough watching her little heart crash whenever she asked whether it was her fault that he was no longer in our lives.

I am confused, excited and angry. Daddy Ousman was my best friend during that part of my life. I loved him very much against many odds. We fought hard for our union, amidst many differences. He is Muslim, I am Christian. He is Gambian, I am Ugandan. His ethnic group relies on pastoral herding, mine relies on plantation farming. He has no first degree, I have four degrees including the highest ( PhD) in my discipline. He is a nomad, I am a settler. Many people opposed our marriage because of these differences. I worked so hard to be a lover, wife and co-parent to Ousman that when we parted ways, I was deeply hurt and too burnt out to invest in building another sexual relationship with any man, woman or being.

“You are going to stay in a hotel when you come to Uganda,” I said on the phone.

“Why?” He asked simply.

“Do not expect to sleep in my house, my bed room or my bed,” I told him on the phone.

“Are you afraid that I will awaken old fires when I sleep in your house or share your bed?” He asked.

I was silent. I was at a loss for words.

He laughed that sexy deep laughter of his that always tickled my soul. I got weak in the knees. I am in dead trouble!!!