By Watchdog reporter

Even up to this moment, many people are still wondering where embattled Makerere University Don, Dr. Stella Nyanzi gets the guts to pinch such loopholes in First Lady Janet Museveni’s reputation.

Yesterday, Nyanzi once again made a severe attack against Janet Museveni and due to her (Nyanzi) misconduct; it’s alleged that State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo has already ordered for her arrest.

Nyanzi’s undisclosed sources tipped her about the new development and now she is likely to be in fear of her life.

The disgruntled researcher has probably realized that she sailed on troubled waters and she has now written what we may call a will and has asked mourners to recite poetry on her funeral.

“A few hours later, a friend shared with me a link to an online tabloid reporting that Minister Lokodo has sworn to arrest me. If I get arrested and detained, please remember that credible sources have warned me about my murderers being commissioned by the leopardess. If the murderers kill me, please recite poetry at my vigil instead of praying for me,” Nyanzi posted on her Facebook wall.