By Mubiru Ivan

There has been drama at Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Court as controversial activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi turned down bail saying she was to go back to Luzira to teach fellow prisoners how to use social media specifically  Facebook.

The Makerere University research fellow was arrested last Friday for insulting the person of the president and his mother.

Prosecution alleged that on September 19, 2018 Nyanzi willfully and repeatedly used electronic communication to post messages offensive in nature via Facebook transmitted over the internet to disturb or attempted to disturb the peace, quiet or right of privacy of President Museveni with no purpose of legitimate communication.

Nyanzi who pleaded not guilty to what she called trumped up charges said she is not interested in bail and challenged President Museveni to go to court and be the first witness over her posts.

“I find myself not guilty of these trumped up charges. I can’t surely see how Museveni can be offended by mere writings by a woman on Facebook. I would like him to come to this court and prove the extent to which he is offended. Let him come and look me in the eyes and testify against me,” she said.

“It amuses me to hear that my writings offended Esteri, who is supposedly a dead woman but the same Museveni is on record for violations of several human rights,” added Dr. Nyanzi.

Her case has been adjourned to 20 November.