By Allen Kisakye

Dr Stella Nyanzi has been summoned to appear before the Makerere Universty Appointments Board over claims of using abusive language on her social media platform and attacking the First lady, Janet Museveni

The Director Human Resource summoned Dr Nyanzi to appear before the Appointments Board of Makerere University on October 23rd at 10am in the Senior Common Room to defend herself against charges brought against her.

“The Director Human Resources has charged you (Stella Nyanzi) with abusive or insulting language and acts of omissions that are prejudicial to the proper performance of duties of the university’s image or status whether within or outside the university,” read the summons.

However, when Dr Nyanzi learnt about the summons she referred to Makerere University Appointment board as ‘guffaws’ but promised to be there.

 “When did I ever deny speaking the truth about a fool? The truth liberates! I will defend the truth I speak,” she posted.

“I will iron a brand new kitengi, borrow my sister’s expensive shoes, push a grenade of words up my arse, and go to blow up this disciplinary hearing of the Appointments Board.”

This summon is following Dr Nyanzi’s Facebook post, dated March 29 2017 that referred to Minister of Education and Sports as a “lazy pig, big-thighed cow, poisonous snake, empty-brained leopardess and certified fool, she is seriously more foolish than I envisaged. Somebody lend Janet a few brain cells please, please, please…” reads the post in part.

In April 2017 Dr Stella Nyanzi was also charged with Cyber harassment and offensive communication by the Buganda Road Magistrate court following her Facebook post that referred to the President of Uganda as a ‘pair of buttocks.’