Museveni’s state of nation address was impotent! The damn thing gets impotenter every year… No real surprises there! I wonder how foolish those who dress up to sit through the annual impotent performance feel about themselves. Imagine waking up very early, dressing to the nines, and shining one’s eyes well for this wrinkled dry impotent stick!

If only he had included a bit of dirty talk in which he rebuked the recently dead professor with a big busy productive dip-stick that he frequently thrust into the wombs of students in his care and under his authority. To think that this great fuck-master was a trusted friend and steward of the Minister of Education is shocking! She greatly praised his fuckship during his funeral. She did not condemn his fuckness. She did not forgive him for fucking the wombs and futures of school-children under her charge as Minister of Education.

Accordingly, all professors have the permission of the president and his Minister of Education to grow big dip-sticks for use to plant their wild oats in the fertile wombs of at least fifty of their students. Even in death, they will get praised as amazing builders of the nation. Not even Lokodo will whisper a word about their wanton fuckery. Aw Lawd, the hypocrisy in this country will kill me. No wonder people still sit through the hollow void of Museveni’s stale state of the nation addresses. Yawn…