I thank the consortium of committed idiots who worked hard to have me arrested, jailed in a police cell for three nights, denied bail, and imprisoned in that maximum security prison for thirty-three days. This experience strengthened my resolve to resist the Musevenis’ thirty-one year-old dictatorship. Oh yes, it purified my passionate disgust for the failed corrupt regime of the NRMO. If they thought that locking me up in Luzira Women’s Prison would break me, bambi – basemba nakyo! If the intention was to silence me, this consortium failed dismally.

Instead, when I was a prisoner, my brain was sharpened for the long struggle ahead. In prison, I lost all fear of the systems and organs that uphold the resource-stealing, gun-based system of patronage that entrench this reign of terror and family-rule. My will steadily became combat-hardened in preparation for the organizing and conscientization of others that is necessary to bring down the tyranny. In prison, I became totally sold-out to the struggle to end this thirty-one year-old shittery.

In prison, I got the simple and non-negotiable clarity about three intertwined issues. Firstly, Museveni must go! Secondly, the Musevenis’ family-rule must end. Thirdly, Musevenists must step down from all and any public office. Indeed, I gained understanding during this period of imprisonment. No wonder, our maximum security prison is popularly called the ‘University of Understanding’ in colloqual parlance. I am glad I did thirty-three days there.