By Watchdog reporter

Embattled Makerere University research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi has decided to look for a lover boy who will help her overcome the stress she is facing with the incumbent party NRM.

Nyanzi wrote on her Facebook wall saying she is looking for a wealthy, good looking lover who will not take away her freedoms.

She however said no NRM cadres. Moralists, President Yoweri Museveni apologists and regime supporters allowed on her searching list.

She wrote;

I am thinking of hunting for a wealthy, kind, good looking, and very loving lover who will not take away any of my freedoms. Singing and/ or dancing to freedom songs, risk-taking, as well as enjoying to drive a car full of children, are added advantages. So is sharing laughter and passion in the shower. With the goings on in my life, I need to be spoilt by love.

No NRM cadres allowed. No moralists allowed. No Museveni apologists allowed. No regime supporters allowed. No vote riggers or vote spoilers allowed. No a-political Ugandans allowed. No status quo keepers allowed.

Are there any takers? If you are not personally interested, do you know a friend or a friend-of-a-friend who passes the test? I feel like hunting!

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