By Watchdog reporter

Like we told you yesterday that police was looking for Stella Nyanzi, so it has come to pass.

Makerere University Lecturer, Nyanzi has been arrested following her recent abusive Facebook posts against First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Emilian Kayima has confirmed the development.

Apparently, the embattled academia is in police custody.

On Thursday morning, Janet forgave Nyanzi for her offensive behaviours but with in a few hours, Nyanzi was already back on her keyboard to formulate other insults towards the Education Minister.

And as you know, even though Janet had forgiven her, police had to do its part to put Nyanzi to book for her misconduct.

Few hours before her arrest, Nyanzi had posted this on her Facebook wall;

When you hear of my arrest, prepare your most comfortable clothes for you will soon be travelling to my village-home in Kalinga to bury me in the brown earth next to my father. This regime murders its critiques who dare to educate the leopardess about the evil tyranny of her leopard’s thirty-one year-old reign of terror. Haven’t you heard the scared whispers of wanainchi cautioning me about how the leopardess is the deadlier murderer of the two? If the leopard complained about critics poking his anus, the leopardess must be up in arms because I got burning red hot charcoals and poured them down her anus.

When you hear of my arrest, tell the judge assigned to my case that I forgive the injustice with which the trial will be tried. Many judges in Uganda are just and fair. Many others are mercenaries for hire by the leopard, leopardess and leopardists. Even constitutional judges can be intimidated by the leopard’s huffing, puffing, stomping and chest pumping. Haven’t you witnessed the mis-judgements and de-judgements of even the most serious constitutional court petitions? Tell my lawyers to do their best during my defense against our failed state. But should we lose the case, prepare to bring me brown millet porridge packed in those bourgeios plastic food-flasks that the leopardess instructed poor parents to pack non-existent food for their hungry children. Bring me food to my jail because I will never feed on the poisoned food from the leopards and their leopardists.