By Watchdog reporter

Controversial former Makerere University don, Stella Nyanzi has regretted the day, her late father brought in a greedy third woman as a wife.

According to Nyanzi, a greedy step mother is bad enough to make adult orphans resume mourning for their dead father.

Writing on her facebook page, Nyanzi had this to say;

I swear to God, the worst thing that a man can do is to die wealthy and leave his children with greedy step-mothers! One greedy step-mother is bad enough to make adult orphans resume mourning for their dead father. A greedy step-mother kills a dead father over and over again!

My father planted himself a huge forest in his lifetime. Two years after his death, his greedy third-wife demanded for money in payment for timber to build the grave-shelter to protect Dađdy’s grave from heat, and rain. She is selling trees to the very man who planted the forest from which the trees are coming. She never planted the trees but wants to reap from them.

My father sunk water-pipes for miles in order to take piped water to our village-home. The day he died, he had put up a plaque acknowledging his role in taking the water-pipes and tap water to our village. But imagine my horror at this greedy third-wife demanding for money to pay for each kidomola jerrycan of water that the builders used to build my father’s grave shelter. She is selling water to the man who brought the very water to our home.

In these and other such moments I weep aloud with pain. I want to shake my father awake and ask him many questions starting with “why”? Why do some wise men marry certified fools? Why do kind men marry selfish greedy gluttons? Why did my dead father leave behind a greedy fool for a step-mother? Wooowe, wooowe nze!!