By Watchdog reporter

Embattled Makerere University Researcher, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has termed all the leaders in the NRM government as being obscene.

Since last year after her naked protest, Nyanzi has been denominated with all sought of names for being a source of vulgar and offensive words but today the academia has downsized the claims saying she has never been obscene like the current leaders in government.

According to Nyanzi, no one defines vulgar in this country so she doesn’t understand why they term her as being vulgar adding that vulgar is an English word, yet her she is a muganda more so a mother of twins who has the liberty to speak.

“Vulgar is an English word, I’m a Muganda woman. In Buganda, as a nnalongo, I have the liberty to speak,” Nyanzi said.

“The leadership in Uganda is profane. I’m not. All the leaders in this government are obscene,” she added.

While on NBS TV today morning, Nyanzi further said President Yoweri Museveni is a bully who has gagged the public and the media not to talk about the pressing issues affecting the poor Ugandans.