By Watchdog reporter

Well we don’t know why embattled Makerere University Don Dr. Stella Nyanzi is so persistent on vigorously attacking President Yoweri Museveni’s wife Janet Museveni.

Today morning, the first lady made a debut to appear on NTV in order to address the nation about Nyanzi’s issue. She went ahead to wonder where the academia gets all that anger against her. Janet publicly revealed that she has nothing against Nyanzi and that she forgives her.

Many people today thought that since the First lady has forgiven the controversial researcher, she will cease her guns against her but to their dismay Nyanzi has freshly attacked the Education Minister.

Nyanzi is now accusing Janet of not understanding her message clearly which she attributed towards her earlier.

Nyanzi posted on her Facebook wall;

Aw Lawd my Gawd! This woman is totally out of touch with the reality of the masses her family has misgoverned for thirty-one years and still counting. Let’s temporarily ignore her foolhardy poopooish heretics of posturing as one with the moral onus to forgive me. But how dare she not understand why I am irked and outraged by the long list of evil rained upon Ugandans by the Musevenis and Musevenists? How dare she project herself as one in touch with the realities of poor masses while simultaneously banging on about her bourgeois food-flasks or her pretentious criticism of using bodabodas to transport school children? How dare she tell misogynist patriarchal lies about the teaching of menstruation hygiene to adolescents? If this woman is genuinely this ignorant, then she is seriously much more foolish than I envisaged. Somebody lend Janet a few brain cells, please, please, please…