By our reporter

State House is going to issues a new list of Residence District Commissioners.

The list issued last week had a mix of contradictions including citing a wrong law for appointing RDCs. The appointment of RDCs is under article 203 of the constitution. Some appointments were also dead, district Chairpersons or has fled into exile.

The announcement cited laws 108 and 113 which cite appointmentd for the vice president and cabinet ministers respectively.
Appointments for RDCs is made under 203 of the Constitution, which makes the earlier announcement null and void.
Mr Don Wanyama, senior state House spokesman said on his Facebook page on Tuesday that, “To my media colleagues asking about the recently issued list of RDCs and Deputy RDCs. Just to let you know that the President, exercising powers granted to him by the Constitution, has made slight revisions to the list issued over the weekend. You will have the revised list with you shortly. Thanks.”