By Watchdog reporter

Since it emerged that the late principal of St Lawrence Schools, Prof Lawrence Mukiibi, had fathered children with his students, the country has been awash with all sorts of theories, but also, many were wondering how a dignified man like Mr Mukiibi would do such a thing.

This website has been talking to former students and collaborating information and now we are in position to reveal how the professor identified, surrounded, manipulated before pouncing on children who were young enough to be his grand children.

The late Mukiibi, we now understand, was a very calculating man, carefully scrutinizing his prey and had perfect places to enjoy them without detection.

St Lawrence students present and former, we have spoken to, say, they always heard rumors that the feared and adored principal was sleeping with students, but, they could not have evidence as no one could give evidence on the allegation.

It is understood that even the girls he slept with, none had the audacity to speak out, much as they knew what was going on.

At St Lawrence schools, we finally understand that there was a position on the prefects’ body called “Prefect in Principal’s Office”.

So, the principal, “Daddy” Mukiibi, chose who was prefect in his office.

And this was the most desirable position on the entire cabinet, say old students.

Watchdog understands that the person who occupied the office was handpicked by Mr Mukiibi after careful scrutiny of the office bearer, and the students felt special to be picked for this office.

“Everyone wanted that position because of the privilege it came with,” says a student whose name we cannot disclose for now.

The former student says the Prefect in principal’s office was made so important that she even accompanied the principal on foreign trips.

“Sometimes when he took trips abroad, he chose some of them to go with him,” says our source.

We understand that it is through such situations that Mr Mukiibi took sexual favours from his students after isolating them, and them fearing to lose privileges, the office came with.

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