By our reporter

Remmy Ntambi has been studying Uganda for several months since he returned from United States, not wanting to make similar mistakes as predecessors who had similar dreams for Ugandan sports development.

Now, the sports promoter with lots of connections in European and American sports networks, has broken the silence on why he has been keenly following Ugandan sports talents.

Remmy Ntambi with Royco Gacia

Ntambi, according to a reliable source, is about to set up a sports scouting agency for talent bound to United States and Western Europe.

The sports promoter has laid a foundation to invest about $100,000 in talent identification and branding, before he connects the selected individuals to Europe and US.

Remmy Ntambi with Edgar Davids

Our sources say Ntambi who has a large network in the top football clubs in Europe as well as boxing clubs in US, believes Ugandans can compete at the highest level if they are given an opportunity.

We shall update you on the development.