By Watchdog reporter

After a number of days in police cells, rich kid now murder suspect Matthew Kanyamunyu has realized he might spent more days in there.

The hope that his powerful friends and relatives could help him get away with murder, literally, might not be that easy.

Police officers monitoring the prime suspects in the shooting and death of Kenneth Akena, a northern Uganda social worker who succumbed to bullet wounds on Sunday morning, say Kanyamunyu had refused to sit down in the cells, thinking he would leave soon. The suspect, unlike other inmates, also refused to remove his shoes and turned down food served to fell inmates.

“As every day passes, the suspect is starting to realize there are other inmates, who are also human, in the cells,” the officer we cannot name for obvious reasons, said.
The officer says Kanyamunyu lover Cynthia Munwangari is however coping well at the women’s side.

“She has good coping skills, easygoing and humble,” says the police officer who has access to both suspects.
Police officers says both characters usually grace their cells.

“Some suspects come here with fire thinking they are above the law and look down on us officers and fellow inmates, however, they soon realize they’re not in their homes but police cells,” he said, explaining why Kanyamunyu has finally calm down.

Kamamunyu and Cynthia still receive good food but not all meals.

“Cynthia has been sharing her meal with fellow prisoners, but Kanyamunyu had a little appetite maybe because he thought he was leaving soon. But in the beginning, Kanyamunyu didn’t want to share with fellow prisoners. But now he is starting to realize he needs people to talk to, so, he has learned some manners.”