By Najibu Mulema

South Sudan soldiers have crossed into Uganda illegally. According to residents on Uganda-South Sudan border, they saw well combated soldiers holding small and big guns crossing to Uganda from South Sudan without any intervention. They alleged that the soldiers they saw were part of Sudan People’s Liberation Army(SPLA).

These soldiers are trying to run away from the political conflicts in South Sudan. One of the residents said, “We are in fear because these people enter Uganda without even a single checkup, the guns they come with may cause problems.” But, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, UPDF spokesperson said, they know nothing about the development but the army is investigating if what is said is true.

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“We have no evidence that there are some SPLA soldiers who crossed the border but what i know is that our bosses at the border are making sure so that such people dont enter in the country,” Ankunda said.