By our reporter

A humorous fan to Singer Spice Diana has come out to defend the singer Spice Diana who is now a Uganda’s number one laughing stoke following her ridiculous remarks that she got 32 points at A’ level which helped her to join Makerere University.

“I was doing History, Art and Luganda in senior six…I got 37…no..Was it 32?…that is a second grade and I was among the best…everyone was surprised because most of my colleagues repeated that year,” Spice Diana said.

In a funny post, a fan decided to put on Spice Diana’s shoes and she (fan) made fun of her through a facebook post saying, “Fellow Ugandans stop your wolox…When Faridah Nakazibwe interviewed me I said I got 32 in S.6!!…Pliz note, I did my S.6 in South Sudan where the overall mark is 40 points..Sorry I just forgot to add that I studied abroad! Spice Diana,”