By our reporter

After visiting legislators whose homes were scenes for grenade scares, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is continuing to cleanse her conscience, visiting Members of Parliament who were injured during the chaos at parliament followed by the storming of the house by security forces.

Kadaga, who has been widely condemned for her managing of the constitutional amendment of the president’s age after she flip-flopping on her earlier stand where she ruled that she wanted all electoral amendments brought to the house at once. Now,  the Kamuli woman MP seeks to clear herself before individual MPs who she is visiting one by one, having visited Moses Kasibante (Lubaga north), Francis Zaake (Mityana Municipality), Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala Central) and now Betty Nambooze (Mukono municipality).

On Tuesday morning, Kadaga was at the bedside of Nambooze, and after the visit, the MP’s handlers posted on her Facebook page saying, “Hon Kadaga has come to check on me and we were both speechless!!”

Nambooze says both women were speechless during the meeting

Nambooze who has spent more than a week at Bugolobi Medical Centre, was among Members of Parliament who were manhandled by security forces at Parliament on the second day chaos broke out at Parliament.

Kadaga’s reputation hit its lowest after she adjourned parliament following reading the names of MPs opposed to lifting the age limit clause in the constitution (102b) and ordered them out. Security forces came, grabbed the MPs forcefully resulting a fist fight, breaking of chairs and microphones in the House, which momentarily were turned into weapons.

The MPs were finally ejected from the House by force and those detained suffered injuries leading to their hospitalization.

The Speaker returned after the chaos, hailed by MPs from the government’s side and has never condemned the security who carried out the assault on MPs.

In Parliament, it is the sergeant at arms responsibility for enforcing law and order at the parliament.

Nambooze who was among MPs suspended from the House by Kadaga for three consecutive sittings and also her name listed among those under investigation by the House’s Rules committee, welcomed the Speaker at her bedside.

Analysts say Kadaga is seeking to control damage on her reputation and record as she has anchored her speakership on bipartisanship where the vocal MPs in the opposition had worked hard to return her to speakership when her deputy Jacob Oulanyah wanted to unseat her with the executive’s backing.

Turning tormentor of Moses Kasibante, Mohammed Nsereko, Ibrahim Ssemujju, and Nambooze among others who are some of Kadaga’s most fierce defenders, reversed Kadaga’s fortunes as she is now viewed as spineless.

Last month’s parliament fights left the Speaker badly bruised, and exposed her as either weak to stand up to President Museveni as she had made the public believe or that she was actually an accomplice in the going scheme to amend the constitution.