By Watchdog reporter

On Thursday Parliament had passed a motion to extend unregistered and unverified SIM card switch off  process for one year but Minister of Information Technology and Communications Frank Tumwebaze came out on Friday to stay the switch off deadline.

Tumwebaze observed that the disconnection will affect all voice communications, implying that holders of unregistered cards will not be able to receive or make calls. He added that the service for Mobile Money deposit will be partially active to allow a transition period for customers to either withdraw their balances or transfer them to registered SIM cards.

After the minister’s resolution, the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga directed parliament’s rules committee to investigate Tumwebaze saying that he contemned parliament over the SIM card registration issue.

In her communication to parliament on Friday afternoon, Kadaga expressed dismay at a declaration by the minister that all unverified and unregistered SIM cards were to be switched off on Friday midnight.

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