By Watchdog reporter

Wonders shall never cease in Uganda. This is a country where you find people with political ambitions but lack knowledge of what is really going on in the political sphere.

During an interview with Monitor newspaper’s Scoop, Spark TV’s Koona presenter Miles Rwamiti shocked the nation when he revealed how he wants to stand for Lord Mayor seat when he doesn’t even know the year the next elections will take place.

Remember during 2016 elections, Rwamiti expressed interest to stand as the Lord Mayor to compete favourably with incumbent Erias Lukwago but his plans were halted by his FDC party which advised him to step down.
“Like I said, I am different. I want to do things that no other person has done and trust me, I will still stand in the next elections for that same spot. I have to be a mayor of Kampala in 2020. I will be Kampala’s first mayor from western Uganda,” Rwamiti shockingly stated.