The South Sudan government has ordered the UN’s Regional Protection (RPF) troops out of the Juba International Airport.

Information minister Michael Makuei confirmed to the local media in Juba that RPF attempted to illegally occupy the Juba airport without any formal agreement with the administration.

He said the troops were armed with artillery and tankers, pointing out that the government immediately acted and informed the UN peace keeping mission in Juba to order the RPF back to their base on Yei Road.

“We have asked their bosses to take them back to the designated camp on Yei Road and they have complied with the government orders,” Mr Makuei is quoted saying by the local Daawn Daily.

To control

The UN boss in Juba, Mr David Shearer, said recently that the RPF’s purpose was not to control the Juba airport and key installations in the war-torn country, but to restore clam and protect civilians in the capital.

“There is absolutely no plans of any kind to take control of the South Sudan’s Juba airport,” Mr Shearer said.

The 4,000 regional protection force was approved by the UN Security Council to secure Juba after the last year July violence.

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